“These three musicians have pooled
their enormous musical talents to
make this recording truly one of the Beautiful
Sounds of Greece.” ~ Artemis Mourat

Chris Marashlian . Bass & 12 String Guitar
Panos Chrysovergis . Piano
Michael Stoupakis . Bouzouki & Baglama

Chris Marashlian born in New Jersey, of Armenian heritage. He has performed
throughout North America, and Canada, for over 35 years with many different ensembles. His formal musical training began at Berklee College of Music in Boston, but his informal training came from his very talented and highly respected musical family.

His principal instrument is electric bass and his solid rhythmic and melodic bass lines have provided the deep foundation for over thirty Middle Eastern, Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, Greek and American recordings. Chris’ sensitivity and long standing passion for Greek melodies inspired this CD. His thorough understanding of the intricate time signatures, unique structure and vibrant harmony are ever present in his 12 string guitar, electric bass, and orchestrations on this recording. He and his business partner, Zarouhi, have formed Creative Artists Productions in order to promote and share their love for the musical arts. Chris is also a Composer, Producer and promoter of various Genres of music. A forthcoming catalog of CD productions is currently in the making and will be available in the near future, at www.creativeartistsproductions.com. His first rock and ballad music CD entitled “Catsrevenge” is available from www.catsrevenge.com.

Panos Chrysovergis born in Athens, Greece but now resides in the United States. His formal musical training came from the esteemed Odeon musical Academy of Athens. Chris and Panos formed a strong musical bond when they worked in the New York and New Jersey night club scene beginning in 1999. Panos’ enthusiasm and affection for the music of his homeland shines through in every cut of this CD. His technical proficiency and musical excellence are evident in every song here, in all of his other professional recordings and he also has recorded on Chris`s CD entitled “Catsrevenge”.

Michael Stoupakis born in Brooklyn, New York to Greek parents. This popular performer has performed in well known Greek venues for over 10 years. He has studied bouzouki, baglama and tsoura in New York . Michael’s contributions of bouzouki and baglama have added the perfect color, spice and flavor to this CD.

A special heartfelt note of gratitude and sincere appreciation goes to the following composers, whom without this beautiful CD project would not have been possible. Yiannis Spanos, Manos Loizos, Mikis Theodorakis, Giwrgos Hatzinasios, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Christos Nikolopoulos, Loreena McKennitt (www.quinlanroad.com) and Ara Dinkjian.

Beautiful Sounds of Greece

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